Language for sex, lesson #3

In this lesson, you will learn everything there is to know about the hand and ways to change the feelings of many actions.

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gestures with the hand

Pronounced [ma], this stands for “hand”. Saying ma moon, this means, “massage my breasts”. If you want something smoother or harder, you will have to use one of the suffixes “i”, “o” or “u”.

Pronounced [i] as in “leaf”. This changes the action to be gentler, softer. With the hand ma, it becomes mi and it means “caress”. mi oda, “caress my body” !

For other verbs like tar or yon it would be tari or yoni. Only mai is simplified in mi. For example:

  • yoni la, caress my lips with your labia…

Pronounced [ɔ] as in “organ”, this means to “hit”, “slap”, “whip”. mo pal, “slap my butt”. Now you should know how to say “dickslap”: taro haf.

  • taro yon, slap my vulva with your penis…

Pronounced [u] as in “moon”, this adds a pulling nature to the action. A very nice one is yinu tar, to pull someones penis with the vagina (yes, vagina is yin and it can be confused with yon so you can remember that an opening looks like an “o” and a canal looks like an “i” and with some imagination, you can think of the dot of the i as the entry to the uterus).

Since we are on the words or suffixes that alter an action, let me present your first adjective:

Pronounced like the mantra thing [ɔm]. This is a very important concept that I will not cover entirely here but for the time being, it’s just an adjective that can be added after a position or an action that basically means “more open” which often translates to “more obscene”. There is also odom [ɔdɔm] which means as open/dirty as possible. But it’s not just about position, it’s the attitude.

  • e moon om, take the “moon” position (butt up, breasts on the floor) with your butt wide open, like an invitation.

It’s at this stage that you realise how much nicer it is to say e moon om that any phrase to describe this in our native languages. The beauty of Keoda is that the words are not polluted by other conceptual meanings and therefore do not contain the obscene, ugly sounding stuff of our usual language when it comes to sex without metaphors.


In this third lesson, you learned how the suffixes i, o and u can drastically change a verb, transforming a very tender gesture like mi to something very intense like mu hafmoon odom (pull my tits very hard).

It has been a pleasure to be with you today. Happy hole openings !


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