Language for sex, lesson #2

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of Keoda’s grammar and some other reasons for using a dedicated language to talk dirty.

📙Quizlet grammar, vocabulary

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Do this ! do that !

This language was invented to give orders. Do this, do that, kiss here, stand like this. The idea is to assume one’s desires. We are not having sex with someone to “please”, give orgasms or any other nice behaving spiriwood idioties. We are having sex with someone to meet this person, discover, explore and enjoy.

I am not at all excited by someone “working me” so I get excited or cum. So yes, let’s stop “giving” and start “receiving”, let’s start to learn and listen instead of doing and thinking we “know” what our partners want.

The basic idea in this language is that you tell your partner to behave like you want to, in the playground delimited by consent. The cool thing with safe-words and revokable consent is that as long as nobody says “red” (assuming that is the safe-word), everything is fine and we can go on with our dream, exploration and fantasy.

This language is a tool to help us get out of the ugly habit of giving in order to get something back (sleep, an orgasm, anal sex, whatever). We are crossed by the current of life, we own nothing and therefore have nothing to “give”. The only thing we can offer, is ourselves by being here, now and creating something with the current.

A drop in the river would never imagine that it “gives the current” to her neighbours. Everything and everyone is just dancing.

Basic grammar

As sex is all about gestures, this language is all about gestures. “to me, you do that, on this part of my body”.

i — you

Pronounced [i] as in “leaf”. This means “you” (the person talked to, the submissive generally).

o — me, us

Pronounced [ɔ] as in “organ”. This means “us, we” (the person or group talking, the Dom generally).

to whom

The first word in a full sentence is the receiver of the gesture. For example, we can say i i ma yon (“to you, massage with your hand, your own vulva”, aka “masturbate yourself”). Yes ma stands for hand. The second word is the person who must perform the gesture. So we usually have o i (to me/us, you do this) but we can also have i o (to you, we do this).

Things are a little simpler than they look because most of the time, we can omit part of this address. When it is o i, to me, you do, we omit the address entirely and just say la tar (kiss my penis) for example.

When it is i i, to yourself, you, we omit the second i because it is implied.

And when we want to say i o, to you, we do, we just say o. This might be confusing so let’s give some examples with massaging (ma) the belly (bo):

  • ma bo = o i ma bo = to me, you massage belly
  • i ma bo = i i ma bo = to you, you massage belly
  • o ma bo = i o ma bo = to you, we massage belly
  • o o ma bo = to ourselves, we massage belly

Future person

As a first glimpse into the future of this teaching, I’ll tell you about… the future person. This is done by adding lir to the address.

  • lir moon fa = o ilir moon fa = to me, the future you will breast the eyes = you will show me your breasts.
  • olir ma yon = i olir ma yon = to you, the future “us” will massage your vulva.
  • ilir ma tar = i ilir ma tar = to the future you, you massage penis.

So if things are still confusing, just remember that olir tar kepal means “we will sodomise you” and that i ma keyon means “masturbate your clitoris” and you should be good to go in most situations.

The future person actually exists and when we say i ma keyon, the action starts right now in the dream space. So the submissive has to imagine her future self doing the action. Anticipation is really an important part of this language.

Do it !

To blend the future self with the actual self, we say dur which means the neck or to submit. For example, let’s imagine we are having a nice meal with friends at home and you say to your beloved one:

  • lir moon fa

Then time passes, and during all this time, your loved one fantasises about the gesture she is going to do, showing her breasts to everyone and she wonders if this is OK but she does not care because you are the Dom and it’s your responsibility to evaluate all this and her panties are getting wet and then suddenly, it’s desert time and time has passed so fast and what were the others talking about ?

  • dur !

Without thinking she starts to unbutton her shirt, very slowly like she has been taught to and then everyone is amazed at how beautiful all this is.


bo — belly

Pronounced [] as in “ball”. This means belly. The position related to this word is lying flat on the belly. To tell someone to take this posture, simply say e bo (“be the belly position”). To bo someone is to press the belly against this person.

pal — buttocks

Pronounced [pal], the “a” sound like the start of when we say “I” (but without the following [ɪ]. So pal means “butt”. The position associated with this (e pal) is to sit on ones buttocks, usually on the ground with legs more or less straight (depending on the persons ability). kepal, “hidden by the buttocks” and means “ass”.

And just because I love them and can’t wait for you to know the word for them:

moon — breasts

Pronounced [muːn], exactly like “moon”. This means “breasts”. e moon is the position with the breasts on the ground and the butt high up, genitals and ass very visible. You usually say e moon right before you want to fidget with someone’s holes if I may say things this way. It’s also a good position for spanking or just looking. ma moon, “caresse my breasts” is an important phrase to know when you travel in foreign countries.

dur — neck

Pronounced [duʁ], with the “u” like in “moon” and the “r” like the french “r”, guttural. The end of the word must sound harsh. The word means “neck”, “submissive” or “to submit”. The position associated with this word depends on the preferences of the Dom and is taught with a riding whip.

There is another word for submission: lo and it means “humide” and it’s such a nice word that it deserves a complete article so I will not give any more details here.


In this lesson you learned great words and positions like bo, pal, moon and dur (and a little bit of ma). You also discovered that you can add an i or an o to change the meaning of a phrase such as in i ma moon (caress your breasts) or in olir tar kepal (we shall insert our penises in your ass).

Happy sexy mornings to you all !

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📙Quizlet grammar, vocabulary


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