A language for sex, lesson #5

Summary of the body parts seen so far.


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Keoda, body parts

This lesson is just a summary of the body parts that we have seen so far, without any other concept. Remember from lesson #2 that most of these body parts are also verbs and from lesson #4 that they can be positions too.


[]. e bo feo, lie on your belly, on me.

[dʒiːl]. djil oda, caress my body with your hair.

[fa]. moon fa, your breasts to my eyes: show your breasts. ne fa: don’t look. fa moon, look at my breasts.

[fɛn]. e fen feo, kneel on me.

[hɑːf] (slow “a”).


[hɑːfmuːn]. la hafmoon melo, kiss my tits gently…

[hɑːfma] hafma yin, do some finger stuff in my vagina.

Hidden by legs are the testicles: [kɛbɑʒ].

Hidden by the lips, the teeth [kɛla]. kela hafmoon, bite my tits !

Hidden by the lips, the tongue [kɛli]. keli keyon, lick my clit !

Hidden by the buttocks is the anus: [kɛpal]. olir tar kepal, we will sodomise you.

Hidden by the vulva is the clitoris: [kɛjɔ.n].

[la]. la la, kiss me ! la pa, your lips everywhere: talk !

[li]. li tar, suck my cock ! li pa, your mouth everywhere: sing !

[ma]. ma ma, shake my hand, nice to meet you…

[muːn]. ma moon, massage my breasts !

[ɒd] ma od, massage my back.

[sæt], sati bo, massage my belly with your feet.

[taʁ]. tar kepal, sodomise me !

[jiːn], like in “been” with the y from “yes” (think “yes in”).

[jɔ.n], like turning the light “on” with the y from “yes” (think “yes on”).


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